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Table of Contents and Jacket Copy Listings

Hypothyroidism:  The Unsuspected Illness

 Table of Contents

  1. The Many Faces of Thyroid Deficiency
  2. The Vital--and Errant--Gland
  3. The Flaw in Diagnosis...and Overcoming It
  4. The Thyroid and Fatigue
  5. Migraine and Other Headaches
  6. The Thyroid in Emotional and Behavioral Problems
  7. Infectious Diseases: Why, For Some, So Many
  8. The Thyroid and the Skin
  9. Menstrual Disorders, Fertility Problems and Avoiding
      Needless Surgery
10. The Hypertension Association
11. The Thyroid and Heart Attacks
12. Arthritis
13. The Thyroid, Diabetes, and Hypoglycemia
14. The Thyroid, Lung Cancer, and Emphysema
15. The Thyroid and Obesity: The Real-and Surprising Connections
16. The Role of the Thyroid in Aging
17. A Word About Thyroid Treatment

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Hypothyroidism:  The Unsuspected Illness

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Description (from jacket copy)

Of all the problems that can affect physical or mental health, none is more common than thyroid gland disturbance. None is more readily and inexpensively corrected. And none is more often untreated, and even unsuspected.

Hypothyroidism--low thyroid function--is one of the gland disturbances that many people suffer from without even realizing it. It can be the cause of low energy or constant fatigue that is one of the most common complaints brought to doctors. It may be responsible for chronic headaches, repeated infections, unyielding skin problems, or circulatory difficulties. Even more frightening, it can be a major factor in heart disease, lung cancer, and     emphysema. And it is responsible for many emotional and mental

Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness explains low
thyroid function in easy, understandable language. It tells how it may be affecting your health and your life.

Dr. Broda Barnes and Lawrence Galton tell what the thyroid gland is, how it  works, the problems its dysfunction can induce. They detail case histories of  patients, often thought hopeless, whose problems were discovered to be related to hypothyroidism and were cured by Dr. Barnes's simple effective techniques. And they discuss whether you too may be hypothyroid, affected by a condition even a physician may not recognize.

Included is a simple test you can make at home to discover if hypothyroidism may be the real, previously unsuspected cause of your ill health.      If you know you are hypothyroid,Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness will answer your questions about your condition. If you suspect you may be, if you are unsure what may be causing those chronic headaches, infections, fatigue and low energy, it may help you find the answer.

The late Dr. Broda Barnes practiced medicine for more than thirty-five years. His experience with patients suffering from undiscovered cases of hypothyroidism led him to write this book. The foundation established in his name carries on his work with hypothyroidism.

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Hypothyroidism:  The Unsuspected Illness

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Hope for Hypoglycemia  

Table of Contents

 Chapter I:  A Simple Solution to a Knotty Problem
 Chapter II:  Definition and Brief History
 Chapter III:  The Importance of Glucose
 Chapter IV:  The Multiple Causes of Hypoglycemia
 Chapter V:  The Intricate Mechanism for Controlling
                     Blood Sugar
 Chapter VI:  What is the Incidence of Hypoglycemia
 Chapter VII:  The Diagnosis of Hypoglycemia
 Chapter VIII:  The Treatment of Hypoglycemia
 Chapter IX:  Hypoglycemia - Alcohol - Auto Accidents - Crime
 Chapter X:  Recapitulation
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Hope for Hypoglycemia

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Solved:  The Riddle of Heart Attacks


Table of Contents

 Chapter I:  The Riddle is Solved
 Chapter II:  What is the Heart Attack?
                  How Often is the Diagnosis Wrong?
 Chapter III:  The Cause of Heart Attacks
 Chapter IV:  Symptoms of Thyroid Deficiency
 Chapter V:  Effective Prevention of Heart Attacks
                   Over a Forty Year Period
 Chapter VI:  The Fallacy of Thyroid Function Tests
 Chapter VII:  Tips on Treatment
 Chapter VIII:  A New Look at Stress
 Chapter IX:  Prevention:  The Key to Progress in Medicine
 Chapter X:  The Demise of the Cholesterol Theory

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Solved: The Riddle of Heart Attacks

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Safe Uses of Cortisol

Table of Contents

 Preface to the Second Edition
 Acknowledgments for the Second Edition
 Preface to the First Edition
 Introduction to the First Edition
 Acknowledgments for the First Edition
  1. Background
  2. Sources of Confusion
  3. The Significance of Normal Adrenocortical Function
  4. Generally Accepted Uses of Physiologic Dosages Including
  The Diagnosis and Treatment of Mild Adrenocortical
  5. Gonadal Dysfunction and Infertility
  6. Physiologic Dosages in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Relationship
       to Autoimmunity and to Mild Adrenocortical Deficiency
  7. Allergic Disorders
  8. Other Autoimmune Disorders
  9. Viral Infections Including the Common Cold, Influenza,
                            Infectious Mononucleosis and Shingles
10. Miscellaneous Clinical Conditions Including Functional
            Hypoglycemia and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
11. Summary and Speculation
Author Index
Subject Index

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Safe Uses of Cortisol

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Listening to Your Hormones

Table of Contents

  1. What's Wrong with My Hormones
  2. Why is it So Hard to Find Help?
  3. How Your Hormones Work: The Endocrine System
  4. The Menstrual Cycle: How Your Hormones Work

   5. Premenstrual Syndrome
   6. The Birth Control Pill
   7. Postpartum Depression
   8. The Thyroid Link
   9. Thyroid and Depression
  10. Perimenopause and Menopause
  11. Estrogen and Depression
  12. Tubal Sterilization, Hysterectomy and Oophorectomies
  13. Breast Cancer
  14. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical
  15. Androgens in Men and Women
  16. Natural Progesterone and the Work of Dr. John Lee
   17. The Optimum Diet for Hormonal Problems

  Appendix 1: Treating Physicians
  Appendix 2: Sources for Natural Hormones and Saliva Testing
  Appendix 3: Autoimmune Links with the Endocrine System

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Listening To Your Hormones

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Description (from jacket copy)

How Hormones Affect Your Health and Well-Being

Do you experience PMS, irregular periods, or mood swings? Are you on The Pill? Have you had postpartum depression or a hysterectomy? Do you sometimes feel unaccountably 'out of whack' -- depressed, angry, exhausted? have you had difficulty finding a doctor able to make sense of your symptoms? Hormonal imbalances may be the culprit--and the last possibility your doctor considers.

Millions of women suffer with symptoms that are triggered by hormones. Some women become moody and irritable; some have panic attacks; others experience migraines, epilepsy, allergies, skin problems, low thyroid activity, ovarian cysts or fibroids. For those with a genetic tendency toward hormonal problems, every hormonal event in life - - menstruation, pregnancy, menopause -- can wreak havoc. Yet, because women seldom understand
the relationship between hormones and other systems in the body, they seek help for outward symptoms instead of the underlying causes. Medical research also tends to underrate the tremendous impact hormones have on the way women feel, and many doctors fail to suspect a hormonal explanation and proceed to treat isolated symptoms--with poor results.

Listening to Your Hormones ends the confusion, revealing the underlying hormonal basis for a broad range of symptoms a woman may experience at various stages of her life. Gillian Ford examines real case histories of women of diverse ages and backgrounds. In simple terms, she outlines how hormones, part of the most delicately balanced and misunderstood system in the body, affect our well-being, and discusses the most common hormonal
problems. Ford examines the full range of long- and short-term hormone replacement therapies available today, as well as a host of natural alternatives. At last, here is genuine relief from dozens of hormone-related conditions.

Gillian Ford is the health education coordinator for HER Place, Center for Women's Health, All Saints Health System, Fort Worth, Texas.

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Listening To Your Hormones

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Natural Hormone Replacement

 Table of Contents

   Welcome to the Age of Natural Hormone Replacement
   Hormones of the Menstrual Cycle
   Hormones:  Patentable, Natural or Horses?
   Relieving Common Menopausal Symptoms
   Preventing & Reversing Osteoporosis
   Preventing Heart Disease
   Testosterone & Other Androgens:  Not Just for Men
   Hormone Replacement & Cancer
   Estrogen & Senility
   Using Natural Hormones
   Natural Hormones from Foods & Herbs Resources
   Appendix (includes late-breaking research on Provera dangers)

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Natural Hormone Replacement
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Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis

 Table of Contents

    Introduction:  Is There Really New Hope?
    1. Overview of Osteoporosis
    2. What You Eat Affects Your Bones
    3. Vitamin K:   As Important for your Bones as Calcium
    4. Manganese
    5. Magnesium:  The Mineral That "Does It All"
    6. Folic Acid
    7. Boron
    8. Vitamin B6
    9. Zinc
   10. Strontium
   11. Other Nutrients:  Copper, Silicon, Vitamin C, Vitamin D
   12. Calcium:  Important, But Not the Whole Story
   13. How to Take Calcium
   14. Estrogen Replacement Therapy
   15. Progesterone:  A Missing Link
   16. DHEA:  The Hormone That "Does It All"
   17. Do Food Allergies Contribute to Osteoporosis?
   18. You Are What You Assimilate
   19. Aluminum and Osteoporosis
   20. Other Heavy Metals:  Lead, Cadmium, and Tin
   21. Does Acid Rain Damage Your Bones?
   22. Exercise and Osteoporosis
   23. Does Thyroid Hormone Cause Osteoporosis?
   24. Other Therapies
   25. Natural Remedies:  The Orphans of the Medical Industry
   26. Natural Remedies for Women's Health Problems
   27. Summary and Recommendations
         Appendix A  Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Protocol
         Appendix B  Allergy Elimination Diet and Retesting Program

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Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis
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Description (from jacket copy)


Alan Gaby, M.D., one of the foremost experts on the natural treatment of bone loss, offers a breakthrough approach to the successful treatment of osteoporosis.  Three major concepts have emerged from his research:

  • Certain vitamins and minerals besides calcium play and important role in maintaining bone mass and preventing osteoporosis.
  • Estrogen is not the only hormone - and indeed may not even be the most significant component in treating bone loss.
  • Environmental pollution and food contamination may contribute to the development of osteoporosis.

Dr. Gaby's research in finding growing acceptance among physicians and, more important, among the many patients who have benefited from his approach.

Alan R. Gaby, M.D. received his B.A. from Yale University, his M.S. in biochemistry from Emory University, and his M.D. from the University of Maryland.  He is President-elect of the American Holistic Medical Association, Medical Editor of both "The Townsend Letter for Doctors" and Holistic Medicine, and a member of the Ad-Hoc Advisory Panel of the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine.  He is the author of Vitamin B6:  The Natural Healer (Keats, 1987) and coauthor of the reference manual Nutritional Therapy for the 1990's.  Along with Jonathan Wright, M.D., he has compiled the Wright/Gaby Research Files, a collection of more than 23,000 scientific nutritional and natural medicine.  Dr. Gaby lives and practices in Maryland. 

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Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis
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The Zone

Table of Contents

    1. Life in The Zone
    2. The Fattening of America
    3. The Hormonal Effects of Food
    4. Eicosanoids - The Short Course
    5. Elite Athletes in The Zone
    6. Exercise in The Zone
    7. Boundaries of The Zone
    8. Your Dietary Road Map to The Zone
    9. Evolution and The Zone
   10. Vitamins, Minerals, and The Zone
   11. Aspirin:  The Wonder Drug
   12. The Wonder Hormones: Eicosanoids - The Long Course
   13. The Zone and Your Heart
   14. Cancer and The Zone
   15. Chronic Diseases and The Zone
   16. The Zone and Life Extension
   17. Summing Up
       A.  Technical Support
       B.  Calculation of Lean Body Mass
       C.  Macronutrient Food Blocks
       D.  Zone-Favorable Recipes
       E.  Calculation of Your Daily Protein Requirements
       F.  Comparison of Body-Fat Percentages
       G.  Metropolitan Life Tablets for Ideal Body Weight,
             1959 vs 1983
       H.  Glycemic Index of Carbohydrates Index

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The Zone
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Description (from jacket copy)

For years experts have been telling Americans what to eat and what not to eat.  Fat, they told us, was the enemy.  Then it was salt, then sugar, then cholesterol....and on it goes.

Americans listened and they lost -  but not their excess fat.  What they lost was their health and waistlines.  Americans are the fattest people on earth...and why?  Mainly because of the food they eat.

In this scientific and revolutionary book, based on Nobel Prize-winning research, medical visionary and former MIT researcher Dr. Barry Sears makes peak physical and mental performance, as well as permanent fat loss, simple for you to understand and to achieve.

For instance, did you know that your genes haven't changed for the past 100,000 years?  And that 8,000 years ago there were no grains, bread or pasta?  The evolution of man's digestive system has been based on a diet of low-fat protein and low-density carbohydrate fruits and fiber-rich vegetables.  What that now means for us is that we should still be eating like cavemen and not like cows.  Why?  Because genetically, mankind has not evolved to a stage at which we can consume excessive amounts of grains and breads without adverse biochemical consequences.

With lists of good and bad carbohydrates, easy-to-follow food blocks and delicious recipes, The Zone provides all you need to begin your journey toward permanent fat loss, great health and all-round peak performance.

In balance, your body will not only burn fat, but you'll fight heart disease, diabetes, PMS, chronic fatigue, depression and cancer, as well as alleviate the painful symptoms of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and HIV.

This Zone state of exceptional health is well-known to champion athletes.  Your own journey toward it can begin with your next meal.  You will no longer think of food as merely an item of pleasure or a means to appease hunger.  Food is your medicine and your ticket to that state of ultimate body balance, strength and great health:  the Zone.

Barry Sears, Ph.D., is a pioneer in biotechnology, developing drug delivery systems for cancer and heart patients.  A former staffer at MIT, he holds twelve patents for cancer treatments and dietary control of hormonal responses.

Bill Lawren writes extensively on medicine and science for Omni and Longevity, and has written several books as well.

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The Zone
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Mastering The Zone

Table of Contents

  1. Your Grandmother Could Do It.  Why Can't You?
  2. Your Protein Prescription:  The First Step to The Zone
  3. Carbohydrates:  Manna From Heaven?
  4. It Takes Fat to Burn Fat
  5. Your Hormonal Carburetor
  6. Putting It All Together:  A Day in The Zone
  7. Adjusting Your Hormonal Carburetor
  8. A Week in The Zone
  9. Zone Recipes
      Snacks and Desserts
  10. Shopping in the War Zone
  11. Eating Out in The Zone
  12. Your Zone Report Card
  13. Living in The Zone
  14. Frequently Asked Questions About The Zone
  15. Tales From The Zone
  16. Tales From Olympic Zone
  17. What The Critics Say
  18. Where You Go From Here
   Appendix A.  Further Resources
   Appendix B.  Food Blocks
   Appendix C.  Calculation of Lean Body Mass
   Appendix D.  Day in The Zone
           Meal Construction Template
   Appendix E.  Glycemic Index
   Appendix F.  References

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Mastering The Zone
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Description (from jacket copy)


In Mastering The Zone, best-selling author Dr. Barry Sears reveals that the first step on the road to SuperHealth is just a single meal away.  What is SuperHealth?  SuperHealth is a permanently enhanced quality of life:  looking better, feeling better, strengthening the immune system, and slowing down the physiological aging process.  Whether you're a Zone veteran looking to get more out of the program or a newcomer interested in getting into the Zone, Mastering the Zone gives you the secrets and signposts you need to take your health to an elevated new level.


In his first book, the phenomenal number one New York Times bestseller The Zone, Dr. Sears sparked a revolution with the startling revelations that eating fat doesn't make you fat and that the high carbohydrate bagel and pasta diet of most Americans might be the real risk to our national health.  Now in Mastering The zone, Dr. Sears provides you with a vast new array of tools, techniques, and tricks that will help you achieve SuperHealth.

  • The Zone Made SimpleMastering The Zone is a practical, step-by-step guide that will show you how easy it is to get into the Zone.
  • More Than 150 Delicious New Zone Recipes.  Dr. Sears's mouthwatering, perfectly Zone balanced, and easy-to-prepare meals taste so good you'll never want to eat out of the Zone again.
  • A Day in the Zone.  A Week in the ZoneMastering the Zone gives you clear examples of what a typical day and week in the Zone would be whether you are a man or a woman, an athlete or a couch potato.
  • Zone Meal Templates.  The Zone meal templates provided in this book will help you to create your own Zone meals.
  • Zone Rules of Thumb.  These handy Zone rules make it easy to hit the precise Zone balance every time you eat, without any complicated calculations.
  • Eat In, Dine Out, and Go Shopping in the ZoneMastering the Zone includes guidelines for ordering in, eating out, and shopping, with information on how to read nutrition labels and mix and match foods while staying effortlessly in the Zone.
  • Stirring Testimonials and Research.  Exciting new independent evidence and heartfelt testimonials from patients, dieters, and world-champion athletes prove that the Zone is a powerful therapeutic diet that can work for anyone.
  • Ways to Adapt the Zone Program To Your Own Unique Biochemistry, Lifestyle, and Goals.  No two people are alike, so why should their diet be?  In Mastering the Zone, learn how to set a starting point, choose goals based on your own personal activity level and desired results, evaluate your progress on the Zone plan, and fine-tune your program for even more superior results.

Mastering the Zone will show you how to track your newfound health and make SuperHealth a reality.  You'll look trimmer and feel more alert, and your health will be better than ever before.  And you'll do it effortlessly.

So power up.  After all, it's your life.

Dr. Barry Sears is a widely published scientist and researcher who serves as president of the Massachusetts-based biotechnology firm Eicotech Corporation.  He is the author of the best-selling book The Zone and lives in Swampscott, Massachusetts, with his wife, Lynn, and two daughters, Kelly and Kristin.

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Mastering The Zone
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Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes

Table of Contents

     1. Would You Buy This Drug?
     2. Hormonal Thinking Versus Caloric Thinking
     3. What Is Food?
     4. Who Actually Eats in the Zone?
     5. Zone Rules
     6. 150 Zone-Perfect Meals
     7. Zoning Your Kitchen
     8. Zone Tools
     9. Zone Cooking Tips
    10. Making Food Taste Better
    11. Kids in the Zone
    12. Zone Supplements
    13. What the Critics Say
    14. The Future of the Zone
     Appendix A.  Technical Support
     Appendix B.  Zone Food Blocks
     Appendix C.  References

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Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes
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Description (from back cover)

Two million people are already in the Zone, enjoying peak mental alertness, increased energy, and a reduced likelihood of chronic disease - all while losing excess body fat.  Want to get into the Zone but don't have the time?  Now, in this all-new collection of easy and delicious recipes, Dr. Barry Sears, the best-selling author of The Zone and Mastering the Zone, shows you how to prepare more than 150 Zone-Perfect recipes in minutes.

Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes also gives you the latest information on:

  • Zoning Your Kitchen:  All the staples you'll need to make staying in the Zone a snap.
  • Zone Rules:  A quick and easy reference guide to all the Zone basics
  • Zoning Your Kids:  Zone-Perfect meals that they'll eat and enjoy
  • Entertaining in the Zone:  Delicious food perfect for company

If you want to think better, perform better, look better, and live better, Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes will get you there and keep you there.

Barry Sears, Ph.D. is a widely published scientist and researcher who serves as president of the Massachusetts-based biotechnology firm Eicotech Corporation.  He is the author of the best-selling book The Zone and lives in Swampscott, Massachusetts, with his wife, Lynn, and two daughters, Kelly and Kristin.

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Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes

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Eat Right For Your Type

Table of Contents

       Introduction:  The Work Of Two Lives

       Part I:  Your Blood Type Identity
       1. Blood Type:  The Real Evolution Revolution
       2. Blood Code:  The Blueprint of Blood Type
       3. The Blood Type Solution:  A Road Map

       Part II:  Your Blood Type Plan
       4. Blood Type O Plan
       5. Blood Type A Plan
       6. Blood Type B Plan
       7. Blood Type AB Plan

      Part III:  Your Blood Type Health
       8. Medical Strategies:  The Blood Type Connection
       9. Blood Type:  A Power Over Disease
      10. Blood Type and Cancer:  The Fight to Heal

       Epilogue:  A Wrinkle of Earth
       Afterword:  A Medical Breakthrough for the Ages
       by Joseph Pizzorno, President, Bastyr University
       Appendix A:  Blood Type Charts
       Appendix B:  Common Questions
       Appendix C:  Glossary of Terms
       Appendix D:  Notes on the Anthropology of Blood Type
       Appendix E:  The Blood Type Subgroups
       Appendix F:  Resources:  Getting Help
       Appendix G:  References
       Appendix H:  Survey:  Be a Part of the Blood Type Revolution

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Eat Right For Your Type
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Description (from jacket copy)

"What would you say if I told you that the secret to healthy, vigorous, and disease-free living might be as simple as knowing your blood type," asks Dr. Peter D'Adamo, and in Eat Right For Your Type, he shows us the simple answer.

If you've ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you're right.  In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type.

Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry.  It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of disease, longevity, fitness, and emotional strength.  It determines your susceptibility to illness, the foods you should eat, and ways to avoid the most troubling health problems.

Only recently have all the pieces of the scientific and clinical puzzle started coming together.  Dr. D'Adamo has spent the past fifteen years researching the connections among blood type, food, and disease, and his research is built on thirty years of work done by his father.  Now Dr. D'Adamo offers a total resource for health, an individualized plan that's right for your blood type.

In Eat Right For Your Type he shows:

  • which foods, spices, teas, and condiments help someone of your blood type maintain optimal health and ideal weight;
  • which vitamins and supplements to emphasize or avoid;
  • which medications function best in your system;
  • whether your stress is relieved better through aerobics or meditation;
  • whether you should walk, swim or play tennis or golf as your mode of exercise;
  • how knowing your blood type can help you avoid many common viruses and infections;
  • how knowing your blood type can help you fight back against life-threatening diseases;
  • how to slow down the aging process by avoiding factors specific to your blood type that cause rapid cell deterioration.

Eat Right for Your Type provides a clear, simple life plan that anyone can follow and suggests the easiest ways to determine your blood type.  Here is a breakthrough book that will change the way we eat and live.

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo is a noted naturopathic physician, researcher, and lecturer.  His extensive research and clinical testing of the blood type connection to health and disease has led to ground-breaking work with several illnesses, including the treatment of breast cancer and AIDS.  He has written many articles for medical journals and serves on the scientific advisory board of several major insurance companies.  Dr. D'Adamo, who was selected Physician of the Year in 1990 by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and Clinician of the Month in February 1991 by Preventive Medicine Update, is the founder and editor emeritus of The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine.  He has a family practice in Connecticut.

Catherine Whitney is coauthor of numerous best-selling books on health and medicine.

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Eat Right For Your Type
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Protein Power

    1. A New Nutritional Perspective
    2. Curse of the Mummies
    3. The Symptom Treatment Trap
    4. Excess Insulin and the Insulin Resistance Syndrome
    5. The Deadly Diseases of Civilization
    6. The Microhormone Messengers:  Meet the Eicosanoids
    7. Cholesterol Madness
    8. Vitamins, Minerals, and Potassium
    9. Assessing Your Risk
    10. Putting It All Together:  Designing Your Food Plan
    11. Motivation:  Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
    12. The Antiaging Formula:  Exercise
    13. Recipes
     Appendix:  Sources and Resources

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Protein Power

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Description (from jacket copy)

Lose weight, feel fitter, lower your cholesterol, and enjoy the foods you never thought you'd eat again!  A rasher of bacon, a juicy steak, a wedge of cheese, a buttery omelet...Now, a team of pioneering doctors shows you how their groundbreaking, protein-rich eating plan succeeds where low-fat diets fail - to help you take off the weight and achieve optimal health naturally, without counting fat grams, without worrying about fat percentages, and without giving up the foods you love!  Finally, a diet you can live with that works.

Based on cutting-edge research, this revolutionary, medically sound, deliciously satisfying plan has already helped thousands of patients lose weight and achieve other lifesaving health benefits, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure readings and an improvement or reversal of common disorders such as heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, and gout.  Developed by Doctors Michael and Mary Dan Eades, the simple regimen calls for a new way of eating a protein-rich, moderate-fat, low carbohydrate diet that will have you feeling better and more energetic within a week, and correct blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol within three weeks.

Here, the Eades show you why their plan is so potent:  how it works with your body's metabolic biochemistry; how it brings powerful metabolic hormones, including insulin, into balance; and why this balance is necessary to achieve permanent weight loss and free you from reliance on costly and dangerous medications to control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Divided into two phases, one for those who need to lose 20 percent of their body weight or more, and the other for those closer to their ideal weight who simply wish to recompose their muscle-fat ratio and embark on a healthier lifestyle, the Eades' regimen relies on a tasty, filling, nutritionally complete diet that even allows for the consumption of alcohol - in moderation.  Their breakthrough system of counting carbohydrates gives you many more food options than other low-carbohydrate programs.  And they accompany their diet with an invaluable program of strength-building exercises and tips for maintaining motivation.

To help you put their plan into action, the Eades provide:

  • complete, satisfying meal plans, suitable for family dinners or formal entertaining
  • a Daily Meal Outline to keep track of your food selections
  • tips on making the best selections at fine restaurants or fast food chains
  • a minicookbook filled with nearly 100 easy-to-prepare and tasty recipes, from TexMex Cheese Flan with Chunky Salsa and Coconut Salmon to Irish Lace Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
  • way  to modify the foods you love the most to make them fit your diet plan
  • recipes for snack foods that can actually improve your health
  • supplements that will jump-start your metabolism to burn fat
  • a rapid recovery program for planned celebrations or holiday overindulgence

If you've been living the low-fat, no-fat way and still haven't lost weight (or been able to maintain weight loss), still have elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, still feel fatigued and bloated - stop blaming yourself!  Instead, turn to the Eades' breakthrough eating plan and let them help you regain your health and vitality - and show you how to maintain these benefits for a lifetime.

Michael R. Eades, M.D., author of This So Fast, and Mary Dan Eades, M.D., author of The Doctor's Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals, live in Little Rock, Arkansas, where they practice bariatric (weight loss) and general family medicine.  They are founders of the Medi-State Medical Clinics.

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Protein Power
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The Doctor's Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

Table of Contents


 Section One:  Understanding Vitamins
   Vitamins:  A Historical Perspective
   Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients from A to Z
                            A - Retinol
                            B1 - (see Thiamin)
                            B2 - (see Riboflavin)
                            B3 - (see Niacin)
                            B5 - Pantothenic Acid
                            B6 - Pyridoxine
                            B12 - Cobalamin
                            C - Ascorbic Acid
                            Cholecalciferol (see Vitamin D)
                            D - Cholecalciferol
                            E - Tocopherol
                            Folic Acid
                            K (Vitamin K)
                            Linoleic Acid
                            Niacin - Vitamin B3
                            Riboflavin - Vitamin B2
                            Thiamine - Vitamin B1
                            Adult Supplementation
                            Children's Supplementation

 Section Two:  Diseases, Disorders and Conditions
                                    from A to Z

                            Acne Rosacea
                            Acne Vulgaris
                            Age Spots
                            Aphthous Stomatitis
                            Arrhythmias (see Cardiac Arrhythmias)
                            Autoimmune Disorders
                            Binge Eating
                            Bleeding Gums (see Capillary Fragility)
                            Blood Sugar Stabilization
                            (see Diabetes and Hypoglycemia)
                            Bone Health (see Osteoporosis)
                            Breast Cancer
                            Breast Disease, Benign
                            Bruising (see Capillary Fragility)
                            Bulimia Nervosa
                            Calf Cramps
                            (see Atherosclerosis and Muscle Cramps)
                            Canker Sores (see Aphthous Stomatis)
                            Capillary Fragility
                            Cardiac Arrhythmias
                            Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
                            Celiac Sprue
                            Cervical Dysplasia
                            Chronic Ear Infection
                            Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
                            Circulation Problems
                            Claudication (see Atherosclerosis)
                            Cold Sores
                            Colon, Spastic
                            Colorectal Cancer
                            Common Cold
                            Congestive Heart Failure
                            Crohn's Disease
                            Cystitis (see Urinary Tract Infection)
                            Diabetes Mellitus
                            Ear Infections (see Chronic Ear Infection)
                            Eating Disorders
                            (see Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating)
                            Eczema (see Dermatitis)
                            Eye Health (see Cataract and Glaucoma)
                            Fibrocystic Breast Disease
                            (see Breast Disease, Benign)
                            Fluid Retention (see Edema)
                            Food Allergy
                            Gall Bladder Disease
                            Gallstones (see Gall Bladder Disease)
                            Garlic Odor in Breath
                            Gastritis (see Heartburn and
                                           Peptic Ulcer Disease)
                            Gum Disease (see Gingivitis)
                            Hearing Loss
                            Heavy Periods
                            Herpes Simplex
                            Herpes Zoster
                            HIV Infection (see AIDS/ARC)
                            Hives (see Urticaria)
                            Hyperinsulinemia (see Obesity)
                            Immune System Health
                            Infections, Frequent (see Immune
                                                   System Health)
                            Infertility, Men
                            Infertility, Women
                            Inner Ear Dysfunction
                            Irritable Bowel Syndrome (see Colon, Spastic)
                            Kidney Stone
                            Labyrinthitis (see Inner Ear Dysfunction)
                            "Liver" Spots (see Age Spots)
                            Low Blood Sugar (see Hypoglycemia)
                            Lung Cancer
                            Lupus Erythematosus
                            Macular Degeneration
                            Menier's Disease (see Hearing Loss
                                    and Inner Ear Dysfunction)
                            Menstrual Irregularities (see Dysmenorrhea
                                    and Heavy Periods)
                            Migraine Headache (see Headache)
                            Mitral Valve Prolapse
                            Morning Sickness of Pregnancy
                            Multiple Sclerosis
                            Muscle Cramps
                            Muscle Weakness
                            Muscular Dystrophy
                            Nail Health
                            Numbness and Tingling
                            Ovarian Cancer
                            Painful Periods (see Dysmenorrhea)
                            Parkinson's Disease
                            Peptic Ulcer Disease
                            Premenstrual Syndrome
                            Prostate Cancer
                            Prostate Enlargement
                            Psoriatic Arthritis
                            Raynaud's Syndrome
                            Restless Leg Syndrome
                            Rheumatoid Arthritis
                            Ringing in the Ears (see Hearing Loss)
                            Scaly Skin and Scalp (see Dermatitis)
                            Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
                            Sinus Infection
                            Skin Cancer
                            Skin Health
                            Solar Keratosis (see Age Spots)
                            Sore Throat
                            Sprue (see Celiac Sprue)
                            Stomach Cancer
                            Swimmer's Ear
                            Tinnitus (see Hearing Loss)
                            Tiredness (see Fatigue)
                            Ulcerative Colitis (see Colon, Spastic)
                            Urinary Tract Infections
                            Vegetarian Supplements
                            Vertigo (see Inner Ear Dysfunction)
                            Wound Healing
                            Yeast Infections

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The Doctor's Complete Guide To Vitamins and Minerals
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Description (from jacket copy)

Groundbreaking discoveries...How vitamin therapy can help you

  • optimize health
  • fight disease
  • slow aging
  • lose weight

The Doctor's Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

  • Written by a medical expert on the use of vitamins in the prevention and treatment of disease
  • Latest findings on antioxidants, free radicals, and eicosanoids
  • All therapeutic uses of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals - alone and in combination
  • What's wrong with RDA Guidelines - including new dietary and dosage recommendations for your maximum health benefit

Plus cutting-edge findings on the use of Folic Acid to decrease risk of Cervical Cancer...Beta Carotene to reduce Heart Disease...Chelated Zinc to boost the Immune System...Calcium to decrease risk of contracting Osteoporosis...Niacin to improve Diabetes...Vitamin C to lower Serum Cholesterol...and what you can do now!

User-friendly A - Z format lists hundreds of diseases, disorders, and conditions - with advice on dietary supplements and what-to-avoid recommendations.

Mary Dan Eades, M.D. is a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and received her M.D. from the University of Arkansas in 1981.  A longtime advocate of vitamin and nutrient supplementation, Dr. Eades, with her husband, runs the Arkansas Center for Health and Weight Control, a practice devoted to nutritional medicine.  She is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and an associate member of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity.  She is also the author of If It Runs in Your Family:  Breast Cancer, and If It Runs in Your Family:  Arthritis.  Dr. Eades lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and three sons.

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The Doctor's Complete Guide To Vitamins and Minerals
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The Low-Carb Cookbook

Table of Contents

 Foreword by Michael R. Eades, M.D.
                                and Mary Dan Eades, M.D.
                        How We Got Here:  A Little History
                        The Nitty-Gritty on Carbs
                        Sauces, Marinades, and Salsas
                        Main Dishes
                        Side Dishes
                        Your New Best Friends:  The Vegetable Heroes
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The Low-Carb Cookbook
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Description (from jacket copy)

The must-have kitchen companion for anyone who has lost weight on low-carbohydrate regimens like The Zone, Protein Power, The Atkins Diet, and Healthy For Life, and wants to keep it off.

Millions of people with weight problems have discovered that all roads to successful weight loss do not begin with the low-fat diet.  For most overweight people, in fact, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate plan is the preferred regimen to correct a metabolic imbalance, the source of the problem.  While this eating plan runs counter to all the proscriptions of government nutritionists, it has proven to be not only a safe but also highly effective method of weight reduction and the basis for a lifetime of good health.

The one stumbling block for many low-carb converts, however, is the restrictive nature of the diet itself:  Can anyone, really live happily ever after without a lot of sweets, breads, pasta, and all the other grain- and starch-based foods that are so central to the American palate?  Diet books themselves offer only a limited selection of "diet" recipes that have little to do with real life - which includes holidays, family dinners, and entertaining.  But help - and really good, satisfying eating - have finally arrives in The Low-Carb Cookbook, a collection of over 250 delicious recipes and essential shopping information that prove the low-carb diet can be followed for a lifetime, with pleasurable anticipation instead of grim determination.

Fran McCullough is the ideal low-carb guide, for she not only brings years of experience as a cookbook editor and writer to the project, but after years of frustration on low-fat and other diet schemes, has also lost over sixty pounds herself the low-carb way.  Because turning to low-carb eating is like learning a new kitchen language, McCullough begins the book with an invaluable checklist of pantry essentials as well as creative substitutes for foods you may be missing (like mashed potatoes), and tradeoffs for those times when you do crave a carbo indulgence.  The heart of the book, though, is the dozens of wonderful recipes for every course, from appetizers like a Mexican Shrimp Cocktail to an easy and extraordinary Cream of Mushroom Soup, from a Middle Eastern Lamb Salad to Nut-Crusted Swordfish, from vegetable dishes like Roasted Potato Skins and Zucchini "Pasta" to desserts like Berries with Trembling Cream and a made-in-moments Chocolate Mouse.

If you love to eat, toss out your pasta boxes, and invite even you non-dieting friends to dinner, for with The Low-Carb Cookbook you'll discover that it is finally possible to lose weight and stay healthy without saying goodbye to good eating.

Fran McCullough is a well-known book editor, food writer, and faculty member of the annual food writing course for professionals taught at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.  She is the coauthor of the James Beard Award winner Great Food Without Fuss, Great Feasts Without Fuss, and Classic American Feasts Without Fuss.

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The Low-Carb Cookbook

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Maximising Manhood:  Beating the Male Menopause

Table of Contents

              Introduction:  The Male Menopause Mystery
              Chapter 1:  The Testosterone Story
              Chapter 2:  The Male Menopause or Andropause
              Chapter 3:  Not the Mid-Life Crisis
              Chapter 4:  How It Happens
              Chapter 5:  Vasectomy:  The Unkindest Cut of All
              Chapter 6:  Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
              Chapter 7:  Sexual Satisfaction
              Chapter 8:  Secrets of Vitality and Virility

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Maximising Manhood:  Beating The Male Menopause

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Description (from jacket copy)


The Medical establishment has long refused to accept that the "male menopause" or "andropause" exists.  But over 50 years of scientific evidence shows that reduced activity of the hormone testosterone can have a huge effect on a man's health and potency.

Around the age of 50, but sometimes much earlier or later, action man may turn into inaction man.  From being a positive, bullish and outgoing person, he can change into a negative, depressed bear with a sore head; a disaster in both bedroom and boardroom.

Based on his experience with over 1,000 men showing the symptoms of loss of energy, drive and potency characteristic of the andropause, Dr. Malcolm Carruthers has fought long and hard to have the condition recognised as a true hormone deficiency state, and to establish that it can be safely and effectively treated with testosterone HRT for men.

Here at last is a revealing and in-depth study of many men facing one of the greatest male taboos.

Dr. Malcolm Carruthers has been carrying out research for the past 20 years on the key role of testosterone in keeping men healthy, happy and sexually active.  He is a Consultant Andrologist, a specialist in men's health, in his clinic in London's Harley Street.  He is the author of The Western Way of Death:  Stress, Tension and Heart Disease and Real Health:  The Ill-Effects of Stress and Their Prevention.

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Maximising Manhood:  Beating The Male Menopause

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Overcoming Arthritis

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Overcoming Arthritis

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Dr. Brownstein’s book, Overcoming Arthritis will show how to treat many chronic conditions including:

· Arthritis
· Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
· Fibromyalgia
· Other autoimmune disorders 
  and chronic conditions

See how a holistic treatment plan developed by Dr. Brownstein has proven successful in treating many chronic conditions using:

· Natural Hormones
· Diet
· Nutritional Supplementation 
  Including Vitamins and Minerals
· Allergy Elimination
· Detoxification 

· And Much More! This holistic program designed by Dr. Brownstein searches for the cause(s) of Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and many other diseases.  Dr. Brownstein describes how many of these illnesses are caused by infections.  This book will show you that supporting the immune system and treating the infection are the keys to overcoming these chronic conditions. By developing a comprehensive treatment program that includes using natural therapies, Overcoming Arthritis will give hope to those suffering from many chronic conditions.  This book will show how you can learn to use safe and effective therapies to regain your health. 

 Overcoming Thyroid Disorder

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Overcoming Thyroid Disorders

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Dr. Brownstein’s Newest Book, Overcoming Thyroid Disorders Shows How A Holistic Treatment Program Can Effectively Treat:

· Hypothyroidism
· Graves’ Disease
· Hashimoto’s Disease
· Fibromyalgia
· Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
· Arthritis

· And Much More!

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders provides information on safe and effective natural therapies to help the body heal itself. Dr. Brownstein provides over 30 actual case studies of his success in treating thyroid disorders.

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders contains information on:

· Natural Thyroid Hormone
· Other Natural Hormones
· Diet
· Vitamins and Minerals Important
for Thyroid Function
· Detoxification
· And Much More!

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